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What’s cost per click?

When it comes to advertising and marketing there are some aspects that need explaining like “What’s the cost per click?” well let us explain. Cost per click often shortened to CPC is when a user clicks on an advertiser’s Sponsored Products ad it generates a cost for the click to the advertiser. Different marketplaces use…
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How good is Amazon Advertising

The digital advertising space is a crowded one, but Amazon Advertising is the third largest competitor. If that’s not caught your eye in recent years Amazon has caught up with the likes of Google and Facebook. They continue to offer the lowest cost in global advertising at $0.75 cost per click and $0.87 in the…
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More effective sales tools with Amazon Attribution 

We have some exciting news for sellers using Amazon Attribution to drive external traffic to Amazon. There are now more effective sales tools with Amazon’s attribution update. Amazon has a new feature that will replace the previously featured competitor ads placed at the top of your listing with other popular products from your store.  So great ready for an…
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What’s Amazon’s returns and refunds policy? 

Amazon’s returns and refunds policy update  It’s no secret that returns for seller-fulfilled orders work quite differently from those sold and shipped by Amazon. Therefore, Amazon is updating their returns and refund policy to make It more consistent for all customers. Third-party sellers who manage their shipments will be subject to the same returns policies as…
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