Our Method

A Proactive, Honest, and Responsive Approach to Optimising Your Brand’s Presence on Amazon


We use the most up to date tools to ensure the data we are using is accurate.


We use the data to get traffic to your listing, then we boost conversions to get more sales.


Communication is key in any relationship & it should be no different working with an agency.

How Do We Do It?

1. Audit

After listening to our clients needs, we use our tried and tested auditing format we carry out an extensive analysis of your account, market, competition, and sales. We make achievable & data driven recommendations to proceed to the next step.

2. Implement

We have the in-house skills to implement the changes to your listings, PPC / Amazon Advertising, A+ Content, Amazon Store, and SEO. 

3. Review

We continually review your performance, providing updates along the way! This is done through reporting and split testing. 

4. Repeat

Continual optimisation is a key part to Ecommerce, as it’s consistently evolving. Amazon is no different! We continue our hands on approach indefinitely to keep up with all changes in the market, changes within Amazon, and changes in consumer behaviour.

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Smorgas Box specialises in Amazon Account Management including SEO, Copy writing, PPC / Amazon Advertising, Brand Registry, A+ Content, Amazon Store Creation, and more.