Little Sport Star Case Study

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The Results

The key results are: 129% increase in units ordered, ranking in top 20 in several categories across several products where ranking was not achieved before, 100% of listings optimised.

Background & Approach

Little Sport Star designs, manufactures, and sells their own brand of unique sport toys for babies and toddlers. They are UK based, but sell internationally across many channels including Amazon. Smorgas Box was engaged after a recommendation from a previous client to improve their sales across their Amazon channels, and facilitate expansion to other territories. 

After a thorough audit an action plan was put together to improve the copy with enhanced SEO and keywording, deliver attractive A+ content, and expand the advertising. Improving the ranking and gaining exposure was a key part of this plan.

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Little Sport Star Testimonial

I design, manufacture and sell unique sports-themed toys for babies and toddlers. My brand is called Little Sport Star.

Amazon is one of the many aspects of my business that I juggle daily. However, I find it difficult to give due attention to my Amazon store, as there are so many other demanding parts to my business that I need to develop as well, such as accounts, customer care, product development, marketing, social media etc.

Amazon has become our biggest market place and I am sure it is also our biggest opportunity. We have had our fingers burnt with high street stores such as Toys R Us and Mothercare and we are looking to the future, which we are certain is going to be dominated by online market places, such as Amazon.

I thought I could manage my Amazon store in addition to everything else that is required to run a business. Amazon isn’t the same as other market places. Amazon is the “everything store” and if you aren’t devoting enough time to it, your products will be at the bottom of everything. You need to rise to the top!

I had the right ambition, but I was getting increasingly frustrated that I didn’t have the time or expertise to devote to my Amazon account. Even when I spent time inside my Amazon account, I found it very difficult to manage and frustrated that there was no one to chat to. At times, I wanted to scream!

Kerra has been a breath of fresh air. I now know there is a real skill in running a successful Amazon market place which you can not learn overnight. It is a skill she has acquired with experience and for me, having her Amazon expertise is invaluable.

Kerra was recommended to me by a trusted friend. We started working together in 2019 and I knew very quickly she was the right person. She is affable, hardworking and is able to work my Amazon store independently.

Our Amazon sales have increased and I am expecting much more in the next two years. Since working with Kerra, my biggest challenge is making sure I have enough stock to keep up with demand, which is a refreshing situation to be in. I definitely recommend Kerra and SmorgasBox to anyone who knows their business should be doing better on Amazon.

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