A To Z Pure Health

Amazon Marketing Agency

The Results

The key results are: 679% increase in sales, 388% increase in conversion, and 50% decrease in ACOS.

Background & Approach

A to Z Pure Health produces a range of Vitamin, Minerals, and Supplements. Their range includes Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Magnesium Citrate, Bio-Cultures, and more. They are UK based, and sell both B2B and B2C. They were having trouble gaining traction on their Amazon account, and decided to engage an Amazon Agency to help!

We carried out our standard 40+ audit, and analysed their competitors, products and market, and created an action plan. From this action plan, we developed their copy, and created a new suite of infographics and A+ Content. We also seriously optimised their PPC, and made sure they were ranking for the best keywords. The results were awesome, and we’re so pleased to continue working together.

See more at https://atozpurehealth.co.uk/

A To Z Pure Health Testimonial

Smorgas Box are great example of how an Amazon agency should work. We struggled to gain momentum on new products before we started working with them, and we’re delighted with the progress we’ve made. We were concerned that we had too much stock, but now we’ve got the opposite problem! We’ve also been able to invest in new product lines, and increase sales further. Overall, we’d wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone!

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