How many categories does Amazon have? 

How many categories does Amazon have? 

Amazon categories

Amazon has many categories and subcategories, so category-level analysis is essential for understanding the true nature of your competition. Providing you have a broad database to pinpoint what category you should be in, data points like marketplace, type and timeframe will help you draw to a conclusion. Amazon has several hierarchical levels to their category structure. For example, a lawnmower could be in the following categories:  

How many categories does Amazon have? 

Top level: Patio, Lawn & Garden  

Second level: Mowers & Outdoor Power Tools  

Third level: Lawn Mowers & Tractors  

Fourth level: Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers 

As you can see Amazon’s categories are very specific and branch off to many levels. The Amazon taxonomy is hierarchical, meaning that any product in ‘Lawn Mowers & Tractors’ will automatically be in the parent category, ‘Mowers & Outdoor Power Tools’. However, products can be assigned to more than one distinct branch. A pair of running shoes, for example, can easily be in both the ‘Athletic’ and ‘Fashion’ sub-branches of the ‘Shoes’ category. 

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