What’s click-through rate? 

What’s click-through rate? 

What’s click-through rate? When a user clicks an ad that takes them to the product detail page this generates an impression. The click-through rate is the percentage of impressions received from the advert. This means if 10 ads receive 5 clicks/impressions then your click-through rate (CTR) is 50%. Even with the Q2 2020 growth spike due to the coronavirus pandemic, 2021 still achieved a 2.9% overall increase on Sponsored Product Ads CTR. 

What's click-through rate 

If you’re looking at improving your click-through rates, then improving these contributing factors may help: 

  • Ad placement and frequency where your ads are displayed influences familiarity with ads and click behaviour.  
  •  Improving the targeting of your Sponsored Products ads more effectively can make it more likely that your ad will appear for users typing relevant searches.  
  •  Build your brand awareness so shoppers recognise and trust your brand, make sure your branding is included in your ads. 
  •  Optimising your listings with high-quality titles and main product images improves the chances of ad clicks, as these are generated automatically from the product listings.  

Overall increased click-through rates for sellers are a good thing but if your conversion rate isn’t maintained or increasing and generating sales then it may be time to change or improve your listing. Smorgas Box can help with maximising your page potential you can book a discovery call with our founder Kerra. Alternatively, you can look at our range of services here. 

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