Prime Day Amazon’s biggest event 

Prime Day Amazon’s biggest event 

Amazons biggest event

Prime Day is Amazons biggest event with an increase from 250 million items brought in 2021. Amazon shoppers bought more than 300 million items during this year’s Prime Day sale, making it the biggest in Amazon’s history. 

Prime Day

Amazon Prime members worldwide purchased more than 100,000 items per minute during the discount bonanza. Tech and home goods were the top-selling categories during the two-day event. 

The event ran from Tuesday to Wednesday and comes at a time when consumers’ wallets are being squeezed. Soaring inflation aside consumers still managed to overindulge. Items under £20 made up a total of 58% of orders. Numerator data showed, based on a survey of Prime Day purchases from 21,306 households. 

Amazon also called out the use of Amazon Live in the US, its live-streaming service. Prime Day live streams had more than 100 million views, Thousands of users hosted live streams during this year’s event, Amazon said. 

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