How to Get More Amazon Reviews 

How to Get More Amazon Reviews 

Amazon reviews

Struggling to get reviews on your Amazon products? We are going to show you what is working for successful sellers. 

Amazon product reviews are an important aspect of your business. An internal Amazon study a few years ago revealed the number of reviews that affects buying decisions is only 21. With this information in mind, most Amazon sellers aim for this number as a minimum when selling their products on Amazon. 

As well as the ever-changing marketplace, consumers change too. With a force of newer more tech-savvy online shoppers who come with their preferences and bias. 

It seems obvious to say that “a product that has just one review is 65% more likely to be purchased than a product that has none.” and “positive reviews can increase sales by as much as 20% on sites” but this is also backed by research.  

Research conducted by Spiegal Research Center uncovered that “based on data from a gift retailer, when reviews were displayed for a lower-priced product, the conversion rate increased 190%. However, for a higher-priced product, the conversion rate increased by 380%.”  There is a trend here and I’m sure you have figured it out – positive reviews lead to increased revenues. 

It has been shown that the new generation of shoppers is increasingly looking at reviews before making a purchase. 2000 people were surveyed in 2019 and the results showed that, 17% put full trust in reviews, 58% voted somewhat trust, and 20% trust only verified reviews.

How to get more Amazon reviews


What can be done about Amazon reviews? 

How to get more Amazon reviews? Simply follow up with your buyers. We all know we should be following up with buyers, but most sellers take this for granted.  

Take time to ensure your customers’ experiences are what they expect from you. This will lead them to leave a positive review. Step back and be honest when reviewing your company’s practices, it’s always best to put yourself in the customer’s shoes – would you leave yourself a review? 

Don’t be overbearing  

We use specific software to stay connected with our clients and you can too with your customers. There are automated follow-up email software tools available. We use software to trigger Amazon’s own review request emails – we’ve found this to be the best and safest approach.

Fewer emails are a better approach than bombarding the customer after purchase. You can only send one email to customers now, after recent Amazon policy changes. Generally, it’s a good idea to send that email a few days after delivery.

Be personable and create a story 

This gives your company a face, builds trust and plays on people’s sense of contribution it is an effective strategy. A brand story reveals the motivation for starting your business, and why you get up and do what you do every day. The brand story builds connections, and it builds trust. 

Amazon Vine

Launched in 2007, Amazon Vine is an internal service of Amazon that allows Brand Owners to receive reviews for their products on Amazon. Companies pay a fee to Amazon and provide products for Amazon Voices to review. The products are then passed to Amazon Voices who test out your products and provide honest reviews in exchange.

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