Does Amazon Advertising Work? 

Does Amazon Advertising Work? 

Does Advertising work?

Does Amazon advertising work? we are going to show you the key phases and the benefits of Amazon advertising.

Phase 1: The Preparation 

Strong Amazon advertising is built on a base of solid keyword and competitor research with some low-hanging fruit. Look at it as if you were building a house this step would be your strong foundation. 

Don’t just stick to one keyword that is relevant to your product, make sure you’re casting a wide net and spend a good amount of time researching the best keywords. 

For example, if I was running a sportswear shirt company my main keywords are going to be along the lines of “Shirts for sports” or “sports shirts” but there will be branches from those keywords to tap into like “Sports shirts for marathons” or “men’s sports shirts” for example. 

Phase 2: Construction 

A more typical approach is picking your most relevant keyword segments and building those out first. Ensure your product has most of these keywords somewhere in title/bullets/backend search terms to ensure more relevance to the search engine. 

Start with relevant competitors with fewer reviews, worse listings, more expensive and inferior products, etc. Your product on their listings should have a good shot especially if you specify its USP. 
But “What campaign types should I use?” I hear you ask, Well the answer is simple all of them. 

Here I will explain all the campaign types. 

Sponsored products 

Keyword targeting to relevant keyword segments and branded keywords. 

Sponsored display 

Product targeting to relevant competitor ASINs and your other products. 

Sponsored brand store page 

Create a store page for each of these segments that act as a landing page for these ads. Make sure you use all your USPs and mirror your brand guidelines for familiarity. 

Sponsored brand video ads 

To relevant keywords and branded keywords. 

Sponsored product auto-targeting 

This will create 20+ campaigns on the low end and you’re likely thinking “That will overspend my budget if we build out that many ads” but it’s all about bid control and limits. Each keyword and competitor ASIN in those campaigns has some perfectly optimised bids that achieve your target return on advertising spend. 

Amazon will give you “suggested bids,” but start your bids far below this and adjust accordingly as clicks come in. Once your reviews start piling up, keep expanding to the higher volume, slightly less relevant keywords over time, while also increasing budgets as appropriate along the way. 

Phase 3: Growth 

Effectively Advertising on Amazon

When you have captured as much market share as possible don’t take your foot off the accelerator on any of those non-branded keywords. 

Even top brands still spend a budget on non-branded and branded keywords, It’s the same way Mcdonald’s still spends on advertising even though they are known worldwide. Once you rank high customers will be searching for those keywords as a way of finding your products as well as Amazon’s algorithm relating those keywords to your product. 

Final Checks: 

Do a ton of keyword and competitor research  

Build campaigns for each keyword/competitor segment over time  

Over time branded and organic sales will increase as the brand gains recognition 

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