Amazon Growth Strategy in 4 Easy Steps 

Amazon Growth Strategy in 4 Easy Steps 

Amazon growth

1. Story Telling 

Part of your Amazon growth strategy should be improving your A+ Content, product imagery, and video to tell a story. The results can be key to building your brand awareness and sales. Connecting with your audience emotionally builds trust and buyer interest when landing on your product listing. 

Amazon cleverly linked Amazon Brand Stores, product imagery, A+ Content, and video to work together. This creates a visual appetizing store to draw consumers to your brand. These stories and visual content engage the customer to scroll through your page wanting to know more. Consistent brand tone of voice across your store is key to your Amazon presence. 

2. Amazon Advertising for Exposure 

It’s no secret that Amazon is super saturated and competitive. If you are releasing a new product or trying to attract new customers then you need to invest in advertising. Paid advertising helps increase sales, traffic, and product awareness and in time with the right strategy boost your ranking on Amazon. This major component with help your brand gain a competitive advantage 

You might want to continuously review you adverts and adapted along with your budget to maintain growth against the market as advertising is equally as competitive this will help you defend your position on Amazon. Don’t worry we have pieced together an Amazon Advertising Checklist: The Ultimate Guide to help you cover every angle.

3. Review Your Content Constantly 

Amazon Growth Strategy in 4 Easy Steps 

Vital points in your Amazon growth strategy are product ranking and shopper interaction with your listings is how you describe your products, from titles and bullet points to back-end keywords and descriptions. One thing to keep in mind is making sure your listing is mobile optimized as 66.7% of online shopping is from a mobile. 

Amazon is a data, SEO, and keyword-driven platform that is regularly reviewed, along with educating customers on what they are purchasing. Do not let your team fall into the trap to focus purely on the look and feel of your product listings make these points at the forefront of your strategy.

4. Smorgas Box to the Rescue 

With a Proactive, Honest, & Responsive approach Smorgas Box is the right team to optimise your presence on Amazon. We restrict the number of brands we take on monthly, so we have full focus on our clients’ accounts. Start the journey today and book your 30-minute discovery call, All our other links can be found here.

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