What is 3rd Party Cookie Blocking? 

What is 3rd Party Cookie Blocking? 

3rd party cookie blocking

Device identifiers and Third-party cookies are used by advertisers to follow users across many websites and mobile phone apps. Insight into consumers’ online activities is gained by advertisers who use them. 

Highly personal data points are used to further build the advertiser’s profiles from data gained through some price comparison sites. The data then be traded across multiple advertising platforms to build profiles. Once profiles are formed using the unaware consumer’s data advertisers use personalized ads to target the potential customers. If a user opts out, advertisers lose the ability to track them across platforms and deliver them tailored ads. 

Laws and Regulations 

Changes to data privacy laws and new government regulations have been made due to consumers looking to take back control. As a result, this makes it more difficult for advertisers to gain data to build profiles. Apple and Microsoft have already made the move to protect consumers by updating their privacy policies. This means consumer protection bans third-party cookies from their browsers and operating systems. Other companies have opted to use first-party cookies, allowing only them to access consumers’ data, profiles, and interests. 

What about Amazon? 

 What is 3rd party cookie blocking?

With the decision to opt into using first-party cookies Amazon is set to benefit from advertising budgets, therefore, attracting more brands as this gives them peace of mind. Audiences can be targeted based on real and known behaviors on the Amazon retail platform with the use of Amazon Shopper Data. 

How to Achieve Growth  

Brands are taking advantage of Amazon’s vast array of first-party data through their Demand-Side Platform (DSP). The Amazon DSP offers one of the most impactful opportunities for advertisers to scale in the post-third-party data world. 

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