5 Simple Tips to Increase Your Visibility and Sales on Amazon RIGHT NOW

5 Simple Tips to Increase Your Visibility and Sales on Amazon RIGHT NOW

Amazon is Complex

Amazon can be confusing, and it’s time consuming to learn everything.

I’m sharing my 5 simple tips so you can increase your sales right now.

Your Amazon Title Should be 150 Characters or More

This is a simple one – increase your Amazon title to 150 or more characters! This helps in 3 ways: it gives the customers more information, it packs in more keywords, and it also is great for SEO!

Start with your brand name, followed by your most relevant keyword, then your pack size / weight / colour.

You can then follow this with more information such as ingredients, defining features, awards won, or more keywords.

A great example of a title for, let’s say, a 500 ml can of Tartan Paint.

Smorgas Box Indoor Tartan Paint 500 ml | Award Winning Indie Paints | 100% Non Toxic, Lead Free, & Guilt Free |  Indoor Paint for Wood, Tile, & More |

You can use tools like Helium 10 to find your best keywords.

Create a Super Simple ACOS Saver Auto Campaign

This is an easy one, even if you haven’t tried Amazon PPC before.

This allows you to create a low maintenance auto campaign, which won’t burn through your budget nor need optimising. You may only get a few sales a month through this campaign, but the ACOS will be very low.

  1. Go to Advertising > Campaign Manager.
  2. Create Campaign
  3. Sponsored Products
  4. Create a title, and input the budget at £150 per day (typically, these campaigns spend £1 – £20 per month, but the large daily budget lets Amazon know it can spend if it needs to!)
  5. Leave it as Automatic Targeting
  6. Name the Ad Group
  7. Select the Product
  8. Under the “Automatic Targeting” section, click “Set Bids by Targeting Group”
  9. For all 4 groups, put the bid at 10p.

This is a super effective way of getting some cheap sales, whilst trying your hand at PPC.

Create a Discount Coupon

Another simple one – set up a discount coupon in Manage Promotions! It can help increase conversions, and in turn, boost your ranking.

Go to Inventory > Manage Promotions to set up your coupon.

Click here to learn how you set this up.

Know Your Competition… and Beat Them

This is probably the most in depth tip, and requires a bit of copy writing!

Take a look at your key competitor, and scroll to their negative reviews. You will quickly see any common themes amongst what the customers are saying, such as:

  • This product smells weird
  • The quality is poor and breaks immediately
  • The size is smaller than I expected

You can then use this information, and curate this into one or more of your bullet points. For example “Made by expert craftsmen”, “Quality checked at every step of the way”, and so on.

Amazon is hugely competitive, and unlike your own website, your competitors products are displayed right next to yours. They can also bid on your products using PPC, and feature themselves directly on your listing. Use your bullets, description, and title to differentiate and elevate your product.

Offer a Multi-buy

This is your opportunity to either up-sell or encourage cross purchases. If you have a range of products, you can introduce a mix and match coupon to your collection. A suggested set up would be:

  • Buy 2 and get 10% off
  • Buy 3 and get 15% off
  • Buy 4 and get 20% off

Click here to learn how you set this up.

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